Photo-Art by Kraig Whiting

Thanks for looking at my photos. The pictures on the web site are low resolution copies. Original prints are much more detailed.

Most of my photos are abstract images collected over the years. They start out as a high resolution photos before being cleaned up and stylized. Each tells a story to me and maybe one or two will speak to you.

They can be ordered in a variety of formats... from simple desktop photos to large custom framed displays. Most can be adapted to all formats. Some cannot due to the original resolution or the general format of the photo.


Chicago Skyline

Chicago factory along the train tracks approaching Union Station.

Chicago skyline viewed from Lake Michigan.

Chicago Streelight

Michigan Avenue at Night

Chicago Alley

Michigan Avenue in Daytime


Abstract views of Old Las Vegas along with some new.

McCarran International Airport, early 1970's.

Freemont Street, early 1970's.

Local pictures of Michigan/northern Indiana.

Blue skies & corn.

Annual auto auction in Auburn Indiana.

Abandoned one room schoolhouse in Steuben County.

Spring ice storm.

Hyatt Regency elavators.

Stuff that just doesn't fit anywhere else.

Album Art. Forty+ hours of editting were invested to insure that each album cover is flawless.

Piano Maestro.

Converse Fan.

Copyright (c) 2018 by Kraig Whiting