Stained Glass Votive Candle Holders
by Angola Glassworks

Unique Stained Glass Candle Holders

Constructed using the Tiffany style (also called foiled) method. These candle holders are assembled from multiple pieces of stained glass. After cutting and sizing, each piece is wrapped in copper foil. Solder is applied to the copper foil, then the pieces are assembled together. See the steps involved in making these here.

The solder is then finished either as polished, copper plated, or with black patina. The final assembly is waxed.

Examples shown below are just that - examples. No two are exactly alike. You can select the design, glass color and finish (bright, copper or black).

Geometric design with clear bubble glass and black patina.
Geometric design with pink pebble glass and black patina.
Multi-colored columns with copper plate finish.
Multi-colored, but mostly clear with bright finish.

Stone flower design with bright polish.
Blue and white with black patina
Ghosts, with polished patina
Halloween pumpkins. Pumpkins have copper plating, the rest has a black patina finish.
White geometric design with black patina.
Aggate Rock with black patina.

Christmas Tree design. With snow covered mountains. Shown with bright finish.
A Blue Sky variation of the Christmas Tree design. Shown with bright finish.
Christmas Ornament design. With multi-color onraments on textured glass. Shown with bright finish.
Learn how to make your own votive holders.
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