Angola Glassworks - Stained Glass Guitars
by Kraig Whiting

Guitars? Made from Stained Glass?

If you're a music fan, these stained glass guitars may speak to you.

This 24 inch blue Gibson guitar was my first. This guitar is made using the Tiffany foil-style construction, as lead would be too heavy in the neck area. The Guitar is to scale, including the position of the frets.

My second guitar was also a Gibson, but bigger. This project is 33 inches end to end. It has a copper patina selectively applied to some of the solder lines to play off the red water-glass. Other solder areas were polished to simulate chrome plating. This guitar sun catcher also included strings and real knobs for a realistic look.
Red Gibson Guitar
Close up showing selective copper plating.

The latest guitar is a FULL SIZE Fender Stratocaster. Made with clear glass and polished/waxed solder lines, this guitar added correct knobs and a whammy bar!

Simulated fret markers are drilled partially through the glass neck from the back side. This way, you can see them when the guitar is hanging in the window but they are invisible without backlight.

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